What types of hair can I order?
We sell the following hair: Virgin Brazilian, All extensions sold blends well with African American and Latina hair.

How much hair do I need to complete my look?
If you plan to purchase 16”-24”inches, we would recommend 2 or more bundles. In the event that you order 26”-30”inches, we would advise 3 or more bundles.

How much does each bundle weight?
Each bundle of hair is 1.5grams which is weighted between 3.2-3.5 ounces.

How long does this hair last?
Typically, all hair sold should last up to two years as long as you wash/condition it and let air dry when possible. To take good care of your hair, and never sleep on it when it is wet as this can cause it too matte.

How long will a lace installment last?
Lace installments are not supposed to remain installed beyond two weeks. If your unit is installed beyond two weeks, this may possibly damage or remove your natural hair including edges.

Can I color the hair?
All hair can be colored to your liking as it is 100% virgin hair. We recommend when coloring your hair to apply your choice of conditioner or moisturizer to keep it hydrated. Please care for your hair as though it is your natural hair.

What is the difference between a closure and a frontal?
A lace closure is 4*4 inches of a lace or 5*5 inches of lace that covers the centerpiece of your hairline. Whereas, a lace frontal covers measure 13*4 inches or 13*6 inches which is your entire hairline from ear-to-ear.

What are the different types of lace you provide?
We provide HD and transparent laces. An HD lace gives an authentic scalp illusion. A transparent lace, by contrast, gives a scalp look as well, but it’s a bit thicker. However, all laces are thin with small invisible knots and will give your install a natural scalp illusion.


Which payment methods are valid?
We accept All Visa , Master, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, PayPal and cash

Are payments refundable?
All payments are final and non-refundable whether it be an order, a deposit to secure an appointment with Pr3tty Kia, or a pre-requisite to register for a class.

What is your return policy?
All sells are final. We do not allow consumers to return or exchange hair nor products once your order is successfully processed.

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